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teamwork activity

A challenge common to many leaders of people, such as in a departmental group, is having everyone pull together and function as a team instead of going in all different directions.

Teamwork can by encouraged by engaging the group in activities that require them to work together. Activities can be physical in nature or require the use of team brain power to solve a problem. Recreational activities such as sports or games can allow the team members to relax and enjoy working with one another.

  • Social Activities: Informal social activities allow team members to relax and have fun while developing the rapport necessary to function as a unit. Examples of social activities include team sports such as volleyball, bowling, or a group picnic. To get everyone involved you can have each person responsible for a task such as bringing food or planning a game.
  • Charitable Events: While building teamwork, participants receive a good feeling from working together when it's for a charitable cause. Examples of team charitable activities are planning and organizing a walk or run to raise money; a bake sale that promotes a cause; or volunteering as a group for a local not for profit organization.
  • Office Activities: Teamwork is an important part of a productive and healthy work environment. One well reviewed activity is job swapping, where workers swap jobs with each other to develop empathy. It also requires workers to help each other to learn their jobs which is beneficial for cross training team members. A team newsletter can be in addition to all of the activities you choose. It can create a sense of unity by providing the latest information on activities and accomplishments of the members of your team.
  • Projects: More common team activities are projects that require team members to work together to achieve a common goal. Projects can be centered around work related goals; involve activities like putting puzzles together; or cleaning up or rebuilding a property. Typically this type of project involves assigning each team member a specific responsibility to complete. This helps to develop trust within the team since they become more dependent on the others to reach the end goal.
  • Outdoor Activities: Outdoor activities are a way for the team to get away from the "normal" environment. Camping, hiking, mountain biking or whitewater rafting all provide an outlet for team members to relax while enjoying the fresh air. The change of scenery can lead to good bonds within the team. Although be mindful of the fitness level of your team or staff when planning this type of activities, otherwise it may not go as planned.


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