Objective Statement


A question that often comes up is whether or not an objective statement is needed on a resume. Objective statements are used to let an employer know which specific job or internship you are interested in. . The resume objective may appear at the top of your resume (see examples below) or it can be incorporated into your cover letter.
Many believe that the objective statement needs to appear somewhere within the resume or cover letter as it shows the hiring manager the position you are interested in when applying for a position. The objective statement requirement mostly applies to new graduates or less experienced professionals.
More experienced or senior professionals with 5 years of experience or more should focus on the content of the resume rather than an objective statement. The content of your resume should tailor your experiences around the job description of the position for which you are applying. suggests you should customize it so it relates the position for which you are applying.
Objective statement for a business or professional position:
Obtain a position at ABC Company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, project management, and training experience.
Objective statement for a clinical position:

Position as clinical practice assistant for a hospital, utilizing writing, research, and leadership skills.


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