Group Interview


To successfully handle a group interview, take time to prepare in advance. Ask for the names of who you will be interviewing with. 

You will then be able to bring a copy of your resume for each interviewer and it will be easier to remember who's who. If available, check the LinkedIn profiles of your interviewers so you can get insight into their role at the company and their background.

Be sure to research the company ahead of time. The more you know about the company, the easier it will be to respond to questions. Have a notepad and pen and take notes. It will be easier to keep track of the interview if you are able to write down your notes. 

Connect with the group as well as the individual interviewers. When one panelist asks a question, respond directly to him or her. As you're answering, also make eye contact with the rest of the group. The more engaged you are with the interviewers, the better impression you'll make.

Pay attention to the group dynamics. How does everyone get along? What type of interaction do they have? Is it positive? You're interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you and it's important to see how you will fit in, if you're hired. If you're not comfortable with the synergy between the panelists, think about what it will be like to work with them when making a decision on accepting a job offer.

Ask for business cards to send a thank you note to everyone you interviewed with. If you don't have the opportunity to collect business cards, send a thank you note to the person who arranged the interview.