Interview Questions: Work History


Describe what it is (or was) like working for your supervisor.

A common question asked at interviews is "What Was it Like Working for Your Supervisor?" The interviewer wants to find out how you got along with your boss. Answering this question be tricky. Most interviewers don't like to hear too much, or anything at all, about bad bosses because it could be someone from their company that you're talking about next time you interview.

An applicant once spent 10 minutes to tell me how awful his boss was and how his company was a terrible place to work. It turned out that his boss was a good friend of my boss, our company's CEO, and his past employer was one of our biggest clients. He, of course, didn't get the job.

Don't make the same mistake he did. Be sure to accentuate the positive and minimize any difficult situations. Talk about the strengths of your past supervisors and how they helped you succeed in your positions.