Interview Questions: Work History


Why did you quit your job?

A common question asked during a job interview is "Why are you quitting your job or why did you quit your job?"

Have responses prepared in advance to commonly asked job interview questions. You should practice the responses so you sound positive and confident about your situation and goals for the future.

Possible Responses - Why did you quit your job?

  • I quit my job because my supervisor retired. After many years of working in that office, I felt it was time for a change and this looks like the ideal time to move on.
  • I was fortunate to take advantage of an early retirement offer due to company downsizing and am ready for a new challenge.
  • To find a job that is closer to home and will use my skills and experience in a different capacity.
  • I didn't have room to grow with my current employer and I'm ready to move on to a new challenge.
  • I'm looking for a new challenge to grow my career, but couldn't job hunt part time while working.
  • I have been volunteering in this capacity and love it. I want to turn my passion into the next step of my career.
  • My position was eliminated due to downsizing, so I was laid off.
  • I'm looking for a change with a company where I can contribute and grow in a team oriented environment.
  • I am interested in new challenges and the opportunity to use the skills I have developed in a different capacity than I have in the past.
  • I recently earned my certification and want to utilize my educational background and technical skills in a new position.
  • I want a job with more responsibility, because I am ready for a new challenge.
  • I wanted to spend more time with an ill family member, but the circumstances have changed and I'm more than ready for full time employment again.
  • I want to be closer to home after commuting and spending an hour each day on travel for several years.
  • I honestly wasn't considering a change, but a colleague recommended this job to me and I was intrigued by the position and company. It sounds like an exciting opportunity and a great match for skill set.
  • This position seemed like an excellent match for the skills and experience that I am not able to fully utilize in my present job.
  • I thought it made sense to seek another position before my job was eliminated, since the company was downsizing.