Interview Questions: Work History


Why did you resign?

Have you resigned from your job or are considering resigning? Uncertain how to respond to the interview question "Why did you resign or why are your resigning your job?" These responses will help you prepare to answer questions about why you left your previous job.

Possible Responses - Why Did You Resign From Your Job?

  • There were limited opportunities for advancement and I wanted to continue moving forward in my career.
  • I completed my college degree and resigned in order to find a position where I could use my education and related experience.
  • My previous position wasn't a fit.  I decided it made sense to resign and focus on the direction I want my career to take.
  • The position required me to be on call in the evenings and on weekends and it was difficult to arrange child care on short notice.
  • I am in the market for a full time position and the position I was in was only part time employment.
  • Although my skills look like they'd be a terrific fit for this position, they weren't a good match for my previous employer's needs.
  • I am interested in a new challenge and an opportunity to use my skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past.
  • My family relocated to this area and my previous employer doesn't have an office here.
  • I'm seeking a permanent position and I'd been working as a temp.  I resigned from the temp agency's staffing roster.
  • I resigned for personal reasons, but I am now excited about moving into a new position.
  • I'm seeking a new challenge to grow my career and it was difficult to job search while working.
  • I have regained the flexibility I need to work effectively in a full time job, after resigning due to family circumstances from my last position.