Interview Questions: Work History


What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position?

An interviewer will want to know what you did and did not accomplished in your last or current position.

Respond by providing an example of something you have accomplished that is directly related to the job you are interviewing for. Find the best match by reviewing your resume and reviewing the job description. This information will allow you to show how what you accomplished will benefit the company you are interviewing with.

If you submitted a targeted cover letter when applying for this job, use the cover letter's content to craft your response. If you are interviewing for a position in a hospital where you will need to work with patients, show the interviewer your customer service skills by giving specific example of when you solved the problems of patients.

Don't be hesitant to say you never failed at something if that's honestly the case. If you have an example, be sure it's only minor and turn it into a positive. If you had been working on a project that was behind schedule, show the interviewer how you managed the workload and the timeline to get back on or ahead of schedule.