Interview Questions: Work History


Name of position title, dates of employment, description and company.

Interviewers expect a candidate for employment to be able to discuss their work history in detail. The details interviewers usually want to talk about are the names of the companies you worked for; your job title; your starting and ending dates of employment; how much you earned and what your job entailed.

Surprisingly, many job applicants stumble when asked about their employment history. Don't fall into that trap! Study your resume before the interview to accurately speak about your work history in detail.

Don't have a resume? Make sure what you tell the interviewer matches what you filled out on your job application. A great way to prepare is by downloading a sample job application, if it's available online, to review before the interview. Fill out the sample application and bring it with you when you are applying for the position. You can now copy the information rather than having to remember dates and other employment information.