Interview Questions: Teamwork


How would you describe your ability to work as part of a team?

Variation of the job interview question if it was being asked of a teen: "How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a part of a team?"

Possible Responses

My many experiences working on a team as a member of my high school athletic program. I understand what it means to be a part of something larger than yourself and how to work with a group to accomplish a shared goal.

I obtained many different team building skills during my time as the captain of the chess team. It's important to recognize the work of every member of the team, which includes motivating everyone to put forth their best effort.

While I was on my school's lacrosse team, I learned about what goes into making a team successful. We did things beyond the playing fields like fund raising and volunteer work. We were able to accomplish so much more, both on and off the field, by working together rather than just being a bunch of individuals.