Interview Questions: Teamwork


Is there a time when you had difficulty working with a manager?

When responding to questions about previous managers, it is wise to be careful. You don't want to come across as difficult, and you want to cast any past experiences in the most positive light possible. Possible responses to the interview question "Is there a time when you had difficulty working with a manager?":

  • When I first started a previous position, I did have have some challenges with my manager. We had different expectations for how the workday should flow. After we discussed it, we realized our goals were compatible. We went on to work successfully together for several years.
  • If I take the time to discuss my questions and/or concerns with my manager at the beginning of a project, experience has taught me that we can get off to a great start with the same expectations.
  • I will have to say that I never really had a problem working with anyone. I always try to find common ground with others or try to see things from their perspective. This has helped me to work well with different personalities.