Interview Questions: About You


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Describe a time when you presented technical information to a nontechnical audience.

By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to learn how you relate to people outside your area of expertise.

Possible Response

While I worked for Ms. Jones in the accounting department, I was selected to explain the financial portion of the expense reports to all new managers. After my first two sessions, I realized I needed to reorganize my presentation so my audience would have an accurate understanding of the impact of their decisions as it related to receiving their reimbursement. I worked with colleagues in human resources and marketing to develop a training outline that was implemented at other locations throughout the company.


Describe a time when you worked with data, analyzed data and presented the findings of your analysis.

If you are not in a technical profession, this question is designed to ascertain how comfortable you are with information not directly related to your position.

Possible Response

While at 'ABC Corporation', one of my job responsibilities was to work with the IT department to prepare the annual meeting brochure containing financial data, graphs and related SEC requirements.

I became proficient at designing graphs and organizing information to give an accurate picture of the financial position, as well as editing the legal information into a more readable format.


Why do you think you will be successful at this job?

This question is designed to find out if you view this position as a career move, or stop gap employment.

Possible Response

As is demonstrated in my resume, I have been a strong contributor at each of my previous employers. The research I've done of your company; the job description; and the information we've exchanged today, leads me to believe that I have the skills and experience necessary to be successful in this position.


Describe a time that you participated in a team. What was your role?

Normally companies do not want a bunch of individuals. They prefer employees who will adapt to the company culture and get along well with others.

Possible Response
I enjoyed playing soccer and performing with the marching band in high school. Each of these activities required a different kind of team play, but learning to be a member of each specific group was invaluable. I continued to grow as team member while on my fraternity's debate team and through my advanced operations class where we had numerous group assignments.