Interview Questions: About You


If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something how would you handle it?

The question you've been asked is "If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something, how would you handle this?" The interviewer wants to find out how you deal with a difficult situation.

Possible Response

A response that works well is: "It really depends on the situation and the personality of the supervisor." Provide examples to show specifics:

My current manager does not like to have her authority questioned. She's new to the job and almost all of the people she supervises have been in the department longer than she has. She's never bothered to learn the procedures; how things are done; or how the computer system works. If any of us tell her that how she wants something done won't work, she gets extremely angry. I never tell her she's wrong. Never. Whatever she tells me to do, I smile and say "okay." I do the work the way I know it will get done and give her the results she wants. She gets the results shes looking for and I gave her what she wanted, so we're both happy.

My prior manager was more easy going. If I gave him feedback on a process, like "you know, I think it might work better if I do what you asked in such and such a way," he would often say "okay, try it."

If I were new to a job, I would probably not question a manager because I wouldn't think I knew enough. Except, the manager on the new job I'm going to has admitted that he's also new on the job and there are a lot of things that an admin assistant does that he doesn't know how to do. He will be depending on me to know how to perform these functions to meet deliverables and keep the office moving along.