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Teamwork Job Interview Questions and Answers

During a job interview, it's important to show enthusiasm for working on a team vs. independently if the position requires teamwork. Be able to provide specific examples of when you worked on team successfully.

To prepare for your next job interview, review these questions about teamwork often asked at interviews. The sample responses provided will help you prepare for the job interview.

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Provide some examples of when you worked on a team.

A question commonly asked at interviews is how well you work with other people. The question may asked in a number of different ways 'Provide some examples of when you worked on a team' or 'Give some examples of teamwork.'

Possible Responses

I was part of a IT development team in my last position. We worked together to plan and manage the development schedule; to provide necessary training, and ensure a smooth, efficient transition for our clients. Our team always completed projects ahead of schedule with very positive reviews from our customers.

In my most recent position, I was part of a team responsible for evaluating and selecting physicians for our network development process. This experienced team reviewed options; compared pricing and service; chose a physician; and seamlessly incorporated the new physician into the network.

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