Interview Questions: About You


Give some examples of when you worked with a team.

To find you how well you work with other people, interviewers often ask "Give some examples of when you worked with a team."

Possible Responses

In my last position, I was part of a provider network development team. We all worked together to plan and manage the implementation schedule; to identify and sign up the key physicians; and ensure a smooth transition into the new region. Our team always completed our projects ahead of schedule with very positive reviews from our customers.

I was part of team responsible for evaluating and selecting a new software for our HR and payroll functions. The multi-departmental team reviewed our options; compared pricing and functionality; chose a software platform; and implemented the transition to the new system.

I enjoyed playing soccer and performing with the marching band in high school. Each of these activities required a different kind of team play, but learning to be a member of each specific group was invaluable. I continued to grow as team member while on my fraternity's debate team and through my advanced operations class where we had numerous group assignments.