Interview Questions: About You


What motivates you?

This is an interview question that doesn't have a clear cut right or wrong answer. When asking what motivates you, the interviewer is trying to determine if you're a good fit for the job she is interviewing you for and whether you will be successful. Think about this prior to the interview. What actually motivates you? Prepare specific examples to share during the interview.

Of course your answer will depend upon your background and experiences, but be sure to show share your enthusiasm about the opportunity and what are (were) your favorite aspects of your job. Here are some possible responses:

  • I directed development teams; implemented automated processes; and was responsible for managing several projects. The teams met all deliverables on time for the various project milestones. My motivation was both the challenge of finishing the projects ahead of schedule and managing the teams that achieved these goals.
  • I am motivated by the need to do a good job at whatever position I'm in. Excelling and be a success in my job is for my own personal satisfaction and for that of my employer.
  • My company's clients receive the best customer experience I can provide. Customer service is important, both to me personally, and for the benefit of the company and clients.
  • Most of my career has been in sales, often in commission based positions. Compensation has always been a strong motivating factor in becoming the top salesperson at my past employers.