Interview Questions: About You


How would you describe yourself?

When you respond to the interview question "How would you describe yourself?", remember the type of position you are interviewing for; the company culture; and the work environment. Show the interviewer why you're a match for the position and the company with your answer.

Possible Responses

  • I consider myself a people person. I really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people.
  • I think of myself as a perfectionist. I like to be sure everything is just right by paying attention to all of the details.
  • I consider myself a creative thinker. I explore alternative solutions to problems and maintain an open mind about what will be most effective.
  • I am organized and work efficiently. These skills enable me to be highly productive on the job.
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, and coming up with solutions in a timely manner are all things I enjoy.