Interview Questions: About You


How will your greatest strength help you perform?

You may be asked how your strengths have helped your performance at work as a follow up to being asked what your greatest strengths are. In your response, relate your strengths to the job description and your ability to perform on the job.

Possible Responses

  • The ability to work with many different people is my greatest strength. I enjoy learning from the people I meet and this position will enhance my ability to excel within a team.
  • The ability to focus on my work is my greatest strength. My overall performance is very high since I'm not easily distracted, even in a fast paced office like this one.
  • The ability to focus on the job at hand is my greatest strength. I tend to not easily be distracted from the big picture.
  • My greatest strength is my organizational skills, because they provide me with the capability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.