Interview Questions: About You


What is your greatest strength?

This is often considered one of the easier interview questions you can be asked. It's important to discuss those traits that will best exhibit your qualifications for the job when you are asked about your strengths during an interview. Describe the skills and experience that directly relate to the job you are applying for.

Possible Responses

  • Instead of waiting to the last minute to complete a task or project, I usually get things done in a considerable amount of time ahead of schedule.
  • Since I started with my current employer, I have exceeded all patient satisfaction goals and have earned a bonus each year .
  • I take pride in excelling at my work, my time management and organizational skills are excellent and I complete tasks timely and effectively.
  • I have a keen ability to resolve what could be difficult situations.
  • I also take pride in working with patients and meeting the needs of both internal and external customers.

You may be asked how your strengths have helped your performance at work as a follow up to being asked what your greatest strengths are. In your response, relate your strengths to the job description and your ability to perform on the job.